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Landry Filtration is an international supplier of filtration and separation products.

Many factors must be considered in the selection of filter media. The temperature, chemical composition and abrasion characteristics of the product being filtered has a direct impact on the performance of the filter media. By working closely with our clients, creative and innovative solutions can be realized in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our in house laboratory has the capabilities to replicate most filtration processes. Our modern fabricating facility will then manufacture finished or semi-finished products, in a broad range of sizes, from 
small intricate parts to large filter belts.

Landry Filtration's unique position of servicing Mining, Pulp & Paper, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Metal Processing, etc., Allows us to incorporate these different technologies and processes to the advantage of all our clients.

Landry Filtration Products makes a practice of working closely with our customers by combining their knowledge of the manufacturing process with our filtration expertise, to select filter media with the best combination of performance and long service life. With our wealth of resources, experience, manufacturing equipment and materials, we are uniquely qualified to advise and assist you.

When considering filter fabrics for a new or unfamiliar application, contact LANDRY for assistance and recommendations. If you're refitting an existing system, contact us for an appraisal and analysis. With many years of industry experience, we offer superior design and product quality at a very competitive cost.

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