Liquid Filtration products

Landry Filtration is an industry leader in liquid filtration, from pulp and paper to mining applications.

Landry Filtration has a long history of success when it comes to liquid filtration. We pride ourselves on being one of the technical leaders in this field for over 25 years. Our rigorous and continuous testing of both new and old products helps us provide our customers with the best service and knowledge in the marketplace

We have an on-site temperature controlled hot water shrink tank, and our technicians are fully trained to ensure a perfect installation.

Advantages of felts in liquid filtration:
  • More efficient
  • Longer life
  • Cleaner filtrate
  • Higher flow rates
  • Elimination of backers
  • Able to compensate better for variations in feed solids
  • Cleaner grids
Advantages of Monofilaments in liquid filtration:
  • Best cake release
  • Least likely to blind
  • Highest flow rate
Advantages of Multifilaments in liquid filtration:
  • Better filter efficiency than monofilament filter media
  • Lower permeability ranges
Advantages of Spun fibers in liquid filtration:
  • Best filter efficiency
  • Natural fibers (Cotton, Wool)
Products we manufacture:
  • Disc Sector Covers
  • Drum Covers
  • Filter Belts
  • Press Cloths
  • Roll Media
  • Filter Paper
  • Centrifuge Bags
  • Strainer Bags
  • De-watering Bags
  • Pressure Filter Socks
  • Liquid Filtration Cartridges