Custom Fabricated Products

We are custom manufacturers of filtration products for industrial processes.

All of our products are custom made to order. Landry Filtration approaches every new product from the ground up; we will test, analyze and determine the best possible media and sizing to be used in our customer’s specific application.

Landry Filtration Products makes a practice of working closely with customers, combining their knowledge of the manufacturing process with our filtration expertise, to select filter media with the best combination of performance and long service life. With our wealth of resources, experience, manufacturing equipment and materials, we are uniquely qualified to advise and assist you.

Manufacturing situations and process problems presented by our clients are analyzed by our in-house laboratory to create innovative solutions and efficient filter media selection. Our modern fabricating facility will then manufacture finished or semi-finished products, as required, in a broad range of sizes, from small intricate parts to large filter belts.

At Landry filtration we strive to not only provide our customers with top-quality products, but also to find new ways of improving many aspects of the filtration procedure, such as, increasing flow-rate, reducing seepage, and increasing the over-all lifespan of the filter media. Using a sub-optimal filter media not only can cause lower quality end product for our customers, but could also lead to costly malfunctions in the machinery. Knowing the risks involved Landry Filtration takes every clients needs into our testing process and will ensure the best possible filter media will be used for their application


With our wealth of experience, resources, equipment and materials, we are uniquely qualified to help. You will not only save time in evaluation and selection, you'll then be sure you're getting the right material for your specialized application.

Many factors are taken into consideration by our in house labratory when choosing the perfect filter media for your specific application:

  • type of filtrate
  • pH levels
  • temperature
  • particle size
  • vacuum pressure
  • discharge mechanics
  • run time/life span